I’m Stacy, and this is my corner of the Internet. I’ve dabbled in some casual and personal blogging before, using my Tumblr as a visual inspiration board and a place to put my scattered thoughts, and maintaining a travel blog, for my time spent in Paris last year. However, as time passed and I got a real, grown-up job, I discovered the need for a more structured place to store and share my inspirations. As a classified adult, I finally have the control over my life to cook the food I want, decorate the way I want, and host whatever gathering I wish. Also, with a new location in Northern California, I have a lot of traveling and exploring on my plate which I want to keep track of.

So while I imagine so much more for this blog in the future, I’m just beginning and it looks far from perfect. I hope over the coming weeks, months, or even years, you will join me on this adventure and enjoy all the little things the world has to offer with me.