Week in Review…

Clockwise from top left (I apologize for the sub-par iPhone photos) // My car became a Californian // Spontaneous banana bread baking // Surprise Krispy Kremes from B // Last week’s Target purchases [12]

This week was up and down, filled with excitement and tears, if I’m being totally honest. I registered my car, which now means insurance shopping (any pointers??) I started this here blog and I had an article I wrote published on my friend’s newly launched site. I enjoyed working from home, but my job also brought me to tears at some points. I got lost on my way to Michael’s yesterday (twice, and its straight down the road…) and discovered a new love for TV quiz shows (have any of you been watching Million Second Quiz? B & I have so much fun answering the questions. We’re a teams so if only one of us get it right, its still a point for the team. All’s fair in love right?)

I’m getting ready to go to Truckee (B’s hometown) this weekend to visit with his parents and his aunt and uncle from Salt Lake City. I’m most excited for a taste of fall weather up in the mountains. How was your week?

If you’re not going anywhere this weekend, read these:
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  • Love this! Especially that mug from Target…