Featured On . . . She’s Charming

This post is a bit of a plug for myself, but more an announcement of my good friend’s newly launched site!

She’s Charming is the collaborative effort of Dani Erickson and Katie Palmer (who is coincidentally my long-time best friend). They have taken the popular women’s lifestyle site model and transformed it just enough to make it fresh, new and empowering. Their focus is on categories like style, career, self, and travel, but the scope involves so much more. Here’s their description…

She’s Charming is a place of inspiration for women who believe in the power and strength within them and want to express that in all areas of their lives. We adore fashion, design, travel, and all things beautiful, but we believe there is more to us. We are committed to producing engaging content that explores the topics we love, without ignoring the issues that challenge us, including self-image, health, and big questions.

Hooked, yet? I did mention that this was a bit of self-promotion as well… She’s Charming was kind enough to invite me to write a guest article for the launch of their site. My article, titled Figuring It Out, is about something I’ve been going through, and I believe many people do, especially just after college graduation: figuring out what our life path is, and what we want to do. There’s a lot of thoughts, worries and confusion that comes along with it, and I wanted to talk about it.  You can read the article here. Feel free to leave a comment on She’s Charming, or right here on Daily Mint with your thoughts about the article or the site.

Congratulations again, Katie and Dani! Your site is beautiful and sure to be a success.

  • Thanks for the love, Stacy! This blog is looking great :)